With the Excellic Add-In for Excel, you will:

Build workbooks faster than a speeding coworker...

When you have better tools, working smarter is faster than working harder. While they click and clack their way through every repetitive analysis, your smarter workbooks will outperform the competition. Every. Single. Time.

Deliver workbooks more powerful than a trainload of programmers...

With better tools, you'll be able to build workbooks that become Excel mini apps... just change the inputs and watch the results come out the other end automatically.

Leap Excel's limitations in a single bound...

Here's just one example of how you'll be able to SMASH Excel's limitations.


Here's another demonstration of several more of the unique powers that the Excellic Add-In will bring you.







No doubt about it, Excel really is the best thing since sliced bread.

But let's be honest, there are certain things about Excel that just drive us all nuts. For example...

These are just a few of Excel's limitations that the Excellic Add-In for Excel demolishes. With the Excellic Add-In you get tools that do all this... and more. And because Excellic does all this using functions and not macros, you can cascade the steps into a chain of calculations that all happen automatically, just like every other workbook function.

Use Your Super Powers to Impress THE MAN...

OK so I switched metaphors here just bear with me...

Are you stuck workin' for THE MAN, you know, the B.O.S.S? Well impress him with the fantabulous things you can for him do that nobody else seems able to.


After all, if you make yourself worth more, chances are he'll pay more. (And if he won't, someone else will.)


I'm so confident that once you use the Excellic Add-In... once you get used to the power it gives you (and the T.I.M.E. it saves you)... you'll never want to give it up. Try it now for FREE. Download it. Install it. Give it a good solid beating. Use it for 30 days, RISK FREE. If you aren't convinced it doesn't make Excel more better than it already is... even better than the best thing since sliced bread... just don't pay for it.


Don't Buy It Now!

100% risk free. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

(Pay attention now... this is the part where you click something..)

Try it Risk Free Instead!

What? You're still here reading? You must want ALLLL the details.

Let's get serious for a moment. A corny sales pitch is all good fun, but at the end of the day, you really just need to know what the value proposition is. What's in it for you.

Short and simple, the Excellic Add-In adds over 70 functions to Excel and opens a whole new world of things you can do with Excel that used to require programmers, calling the IT department, or lots of repetitive tedious manual work. The Excellic Add-In is $99, and you get a 30 day trial to try it out for free. For less than "dinner and a movie" you get the Excel companion to die for.

The great thing is that the Add-In was never really conceived... never really planned. Nobody sat down and said we need to make a product, now what can we make. Rather, it just kind of started naturally when one very impatient developer started creating his own solutions to eliminate the annoying time wasters in his day.

But over time, friends and coworkers started using these Add-Ins and grew to depend on them. And over time the Add-Ins grew and added more and more really big time savers.

Why is is great that it wasn't planned? Simple. Because every single piece of functionality was created in response to some real world need that came from using Excel in a demanding business environment.

While some of the Excellic functionality does stuff Excel kinda already does, Excellic does it much better. Or Excellic did it long before Excel did. For example, Excel finally supports getting data from a database. But it doesn't take the SQL or the connection string from the worksheet itself, so it's hard to compare two queries from two different databases or servers, over and over and over again. And you can't parameterize the query from other data in your workbook. And you can't send the data back to the SQL database with just the changes you want.

Also, Excel really sucks at ripping text apart and putting it back to together again. Oh, you can sometimes do it, but try editing a formula with substitute() nested 9 layers deep and you know the agony. If you do any data prep, the string processing in Excellic will save you countless hours. It exposes pretty much the entire .NET string processing library to Excel.

The same holds true for date and time calculations in Excel. You can do them, but they're awkward and painful. The Excellic Add-In brings the entire .NET Date and Time processing to Excel, including support for .NET TimeSpans, and consistent acceptance of either numeric dates or text dates, both as inputs and also as formatted outputs. If you do any programming at all, Excellic will just feel like a breath of fresh air.

As a business user, there is a lot to love about the Excellic Add-In. It does array and range manipulations through worksheet functions rather than by menu command manipulations. This lets you sort ranges (to another range) with a function, then, whenever the data changes, the outputs automatically update without having to go through the menu commands.

It also imports stock prices from Yahoo!, and has several financial calculations and market indicators.

Imagine you have a job that requires you to:

Now imagine you have to do this for each of the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average index companies every day before you get to go home.

Without Excellic you would have to:

With Excellic, you can calculate the begin and end dates using the Excellic business calendar with NYSE holidays. Then you can get the Yahoo price history with an Excellic function, then sort the data with another Excellic function, and then have the answers calculated. And all of this can be keyed to two cells in your workbook: Ticker and Today's Date.

Once you have the workbook set up, you can run the analysis for each ticker just by changing the ticker cell and watching the answer pop out.

The difference isn't just that it's faster... it's also more reliable. Any time you have to repeat a series of steps manually, there's a fair chance you'll make a mistake, and then the wrong answer comes out.

But with Excellic, you can build the entire analysis from end to end so it's keyed to run based on worksheet cells.

And now get this: Maybe you are supposed to post those results to a database before you leave each night. Doing it manually could take a few hours every day, and the markets don't close until 4pm.

But with Excellic you can write SQL statements that can upsert the data automatically, and you can put the 30 stocks each in its own tab in a workbook, all keyed to a date on the first tab. And the whole thing can be run in a few seconds just by changing the date. Now you can be home in time the 5:00 news.

You've effectively built an mini app using nothing but Excel and the Excellic Add-In.

This what we mean by unlocking your Super Hero powers with Excel. You now have a huge new toolbox that can be applied to solve almost any real world task faster, more accurately, more reliably... and the big one, more repeatably.

Differentiate yourself and introduce a revolutionary new tool that saves everyone time and money... and this is how careers are advanced. This is how you make a name for yourself. This is the one time when it's good to be known as "that guy."

So let's take a look at the list of functions the Excellic Add-In adds to Excel.

A few pointers to some of the coolest stuff...

Check out ArrayCompare. If you do any auditing, reconciliation or data comparison work at all, just that one function will save HOURS of your time EVERY WEEK.

If you know SQL, check out the SQL integration functions... for MySQL, SQL Server, and ALSO for OLE DB. With Excellic, you can query anything you can connect to with an OLE DB connection string using all the power of the SQL query language.

It has a ton of features for web masters and SEO professionals. Look for the Network functions and String functions to see how it can fetch web pages, split and parse text, process URL's and Html, and encode and decode Base64. All without leaving Excel.

And now, on with the function list:

Array and Range Functions

Business Calendar Functions

Date and Time Functions

Finance and Investing Functions

MySql Integration

Network and SEO Functions

OleDb Sql Integration

Random Number Functions

Sql Server Integration

String and Text Functions


You'll have it all. Nearly 80 new functions that will supercharge your Excel prowess. You'll be jamming souped up workbooks like 'Big Daddy' Don Garlits jams gears.

Armed with a Black Belt in Excel, you'll be fully qualified to strut around the office in your tights and cape. (However. Please. Don't wear the tights and cape to the office. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.)

You have NOTHING to LOSE.


Your super powers will become legendary.

So I'll say it again...

Try the Excellic Add-In for Excel Now.

Risk Free.


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